QASymphony launches JIRA plugin on Atlassian Marketplace

Industry developments at the Atlassian Summit last month saw QASymphony launche qTest Scenario.

Developers can use Use qTest's interface to set up projects and manage requirements.

Developers can use Use qTest’s interface to set up projects and manage requirements.

This is a new JIRA plugin for development shops to manage lifecycles using the most popular ‘test-first’ methods.

What this means is that qTest Scenario  manages everything from test creation, execution and results through to defect resolution, all within Atlassian’s JIRA software.

NOTE: qTest Scenario is currently in controlled release and will be available for general release in the Atlassian Marketplace in December 2015.

x3 key TEST-FIRST methodologies for developers:

Press materials released in line with this product launch would have us believe that Agile organizations are increasingly leveraging test-first methodologies including:

  • # Behaviour Driven Development,
  • Test Driven Development and,
  • Acceptance Test Driven Development,

These practices exist (so says QASymphony) in an effort to move testing further up in the development process and deliver software more rapidly.

The major roadblock (so says QASymphony) to widespread adoption of these techniques is the lack of enterprise-grade solutions to track progress, as well as flexible solutions to combine results with more traditionally managed projects.

Here’s your ease-of-use part

“For the first time, developers can build features and scenarios directly in the JIRA plugin and then query them through out-of-the-box integrations and APIs,” says Kevin Dunne, vice president of strategy and business development at QASymphony. “Developers can use their existing set-ups to easily import and export feature files. Meanwhile, powerful, easy-to-use reports allow users to share testing progress within each sprint or release with the entire organization. User stories, tests, results and defects are automatically connected, resulting in better traceability, real-time problem solving and increased productivity, at all times.”

qTest Scenario is the first solution  on the Atlassian Marketplace to address this need (so says QASymphony), allowing development teams to optimize and scale a test-first approach across their organizations. qTest Scenario¹s primary features include:

  • Gherkin editor for feature and scenario development
  • Ability to import/export existing feature files
  • Robust reporting with end-to-end traceability (including execution results)
  • Option to manually track test results with multiple runs
  • Out-of-the box integration to Cucumber via Maven for automated test results
  • API for building custom integrations for automated test result submission

“We received feedback from hundreds of customers who use qTest and JIRA together, about the challenges scaling BDD, TDD and ATDD,” says Dave Keil, CEO at QASymphony. “As a result, we see a huge gap in the market that qTest Scenario fills. We believe qTest Scenario will elevate testing inside devops organizations, allowing them to work faster and focus more on the end user. We¹re very excited to share this technology with the JIRA community.”

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