Module-based, but action-driven: LogiGear TestArchitect Professional for Visual Studio

Software test automation company LogiGear has announced the release of TestArchitect Professional for Visual Studio.

This new edition of integrates with Visual Studio Team Foundation Server (TFS) and Microsoft Test Manager (MTM) to, in theory, simplify automated testing of web and .NET apps on Windows.

TestArchitect integrates with Microsoft team foundation server and simplifying testing for web and .NET applications

TestArchitect integrates with Microsoft team foundation server and simplifying testing for web and .NET applications

Module-based, action-driven – nice

TestArchitect Professional for Visual Studio is a module-based, action-driven test acceleration platform that reduces the time required to create, maintain, and execute large-scale test automation.

Manual tests can be imported into TestArchitect from TFS for automation and then placed back into TFS to be available for use by multiple teams.

The execution of automated tests can be done from TestArchitect, MTM or Visual Studio. After execution, bug tracking and reporting can be tracked in TFS.

“This edition of TestArchitect provides robust test automation for Microsoft’s Visual Studio eco-system that enables rapid test automation on a large scale for of Web and .NET apps, and is a very economical test automation solution for teams using Visual Studio Pro,” commented Hung Nguyen, CEO of LogiGear. “The seamless integration with TFS makes for a complete ALM platform for DevOps teams.”

TestArchitect optimizes test automation production by enabling tests to be written in a plain text, business-readable, domain specific language using action keywords. Actions replace multiple lines of code, minimizing the programming support needed to automate tests.

When the application under test changes, 10’s or 100’s of tests can be updated simply by changing the properties of a few actions, reducing the time and effort required to maintain suites of tests.



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