Microsoft Azure Marketplace Adds TOPdesk Service Management

TOPdesk service management software for IT, facilities management and eHRM help desks, is now available as a virtual machine in the Microsoft Azure marketplace.

TOPdesk works for IT Help Desk -- you don't HAVE to go there in person, but it's nice if you do.

TOPdesk works for IT Help Desk — you don’t HAVE to go there in person, but it’s nice if you do.

The firm says that TOPdesk helps support companywide processes and create broader organizational efficiencies by streamlining call management, asset management and workflow management procedures.

This software can create a single desk that can process all calls and support requests through a shared service model. With TOPdesk’s service management solution, all supporting departments can log and track calls, allocate tasks and manage outcomes of each request through a single solution.

Wolter Smit, TOPdesk CEO claims that easy deployment and simple implementations have always been key factors for TOPdesk’s success.

“Moving TOPdesk to the Azure marketplace makes it even easier for our customers to access our tools, which remain among the world’s most trusted service management solutions,” he said.

Running on Azure’s infrastructure, customers can benefit from TOPdesk’s best practice database – crafted based on years of experience and feedback from customers, and The

TOPdesk solution includes the software’s most praised features and modules, including the self-service portal and extensive reporting capabilities for organizational and departmental leaders.



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