Lithuania Ministry of the Interior adopts Marval MSM, ITSM

Lithuanian information technology is of good stature and impressive credentials — just in case you didn’t know.

To ensure improved support for users of the Lithuanian National Schengen Information System (NSIS) and related national systems and registers, the Information Technology and Communications Department (ITCD) under the Ministry of the Interior (MOI) of the Republic of Lithuania have adopted Marval MSM IT service management software.

The Information Technology and Telecommunications support group within the ITCD provides professional assistance, support and advice for employees who have been faced with difficulties when using national systems.

MSM software will enable specialists to use preventive tools in order to avoid systems disruptions and decrease the time troubleshooting, promptly responding to alerts from infrastructure monitoring systems and making full use of the knowledge management database.

Real time reports will enable the department to analyse the support performance to improve the quality of service and ensure best use of resources, saving time and money. MSM provides a more convenient way for ordering services and raising and monitoring requests using web self-service or email.

The ITCD organises and coordinates the activities of the largest and most advanced Telecommunication Network of the Interior in the Baltic States. Over 15,000 telephone subscribers and more than 7,000 computers are connected to the network.

The Telecommunication Network of the Interior covers the whole territory of the country, interlinks all police offices and many other state institutions and authorities.


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