Former SAP Sybase database management tools specialist joins Bradmark


Capelli d’angelo? The angels sent him to shine light on database tools, or so they say.

Bradmark Technologies has announced news of Steve Capelli, former President of Sybase Inc. (now SAP) joining its firm as chairman of the board.

For those that need reminding, Bradmark (and yes, there really is a Mr Brad) is a provider of monitoring and performance management software for big data and enterprise databases.

“Steve clearly has the knowledge, experience and expertise to help Bradmark grow to the next level”, said C. Bradley Tashenberg, president and CEO of Bradmark. Prior to SAP’s purchase of Sybase in 2010, the company’s market cap grew more than 9x during the course of Mr. Capelli’s 15 year tenure, creating $5.0 billion dollars in shareholder equity.

As president of world field operations, Capelli led Sybase to be one of the most widely recognized database companies in the financial,healthcare and government sectors, and a leader in mobility solutions.

“We are looking forward to benefitting from Steve’s experience and guidance to expand Bradmark’s market position globally,” said Bill Smith,VP Global Sales at Bradmark. “Already, Steve has introduced Bradmark to several global partners, who have reponded very positively to his and Brad’s vision.”

Responsible for revenue growth and market leadership, Capelli led global teams focused on direct and partner sales, including ISV, OEM, distributor and reseller channels.

“Bradmark offers customers the chance to unlock tremendous untapped potential through the use of database performance management and monitoring software,” said Capelli. “Not only is Bradmark the undisputed market leader for SAP/Sybase database performance management and monitoring software, it also has many enterprise clients who are using Bradmark’s software to manage Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server and IBM DB2 databases. I am looking forward to working with Bradmark to further expand its market position and maximize its potential globally.”

Bradmark’s product suite detects and prevents problems before they adversely affect productivity, ensuring that IT environments are up and operating at peak performance

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