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Industry News: Aspera enhances simulation capabilities

SAM specialist Aspera has announced the release of a new simulation feature. Leading SAM tools are trending towards simulation and what-if analysis features, taking SAM beyond compliance and efficient IT spend to help organizations optimize or re-architect their infrastructure. Mathias … Continue reading

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Zelda Lord Of The Rings & The Service Desk: TOPdesk Spotlight Article

How did this article come about? We’ve become very serious in the world of ITSM so when I heard the TOPdesk mission statement of better support and happier customers I was all ears. All too often, we focus on measurements, … Continue reading

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Industry News: Taking proactivity to the next level – Nexthink Raises $40 Million Gearing up for IPO

Capital earmarked to further innovation in End-user IT Analytics and open US headquarters in Boston After an impressive best in class win for innovation as part of The ITAM Review’s Incident Management group test, Nexthink® announced it has raised $40 million … Continue reading

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Former SAP Sybase database management tools specialist joins Bradmark

Bradmark Technologies has announced news of Steve Capelli, former President of Sybase Inc. (now SAP) joining its firm as chairman of the board. For those that need reminding, Bradmark (and yes, there really is a Mr Brad) is a provider of monitoring … Continue reading

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Nvidia DesignWorks: interactive photorealism for mainstream designers

Visual computing technology and Graphical Processing Unit (GPU) company Nvidia is aiming to bring the power of interactive photorealism to mainstream designers Nvidia DesignWorks is a new set of software tools, libraries and technologies for the developers behind the software … Continue reading

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Module-based, but action-driven: LogiGear TestArchitect Professional for Visual Studio

Software test automation company LogiGear has announced the release of TestArchitect Professional for Visual Studio. This new edition of integrates with Visual Studio Team Foundation Server (TFS) and Microsoft Test Manager (MTM) to, in theory, simplify automated testing of web and … Continue reading

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IBM Rallies Cybercrime Tooling Taskforce

IBM says we need more threat intelligence tooling. The firm has announced plans to bring together more than 1,000 organisations across 16 industries to participate in its X-Force Exchange threat intelligence network. Recently launched, the initiative aims to provide open access to … Continue reading

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Basho Data Platform & Tools: Operational Simplicity For Big Data Apps

Basho Technologies has announced its Basho Data Platform for the operation and integration challenges of deploying and managing big data, IoT and hybrid cloud applications., The firm is known as the creator of Riak distributed NoSQL database software,  The Basho Data … Continue reading

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F5 WAF: service tooling to lock down cloud apps

With the increasing propensity to champion the existence (and onward development) of cloud-based software applications, the industry is pushing hard to populate the ‘cloud developer toolkit’ as it now forms. Some way off of any accepted norm or standard and, … Continue reading

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Geo-Marketing Tools For WordPress From WP Engine

SaaS content management platform for websites and applications built on WordPress company WP Engine has unveiled GeoIP. This is a new feature that allows commercial programming teams and marketing staff to target web content at users based on their physical location, without using third-party IP … Continue reading

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