Blum on Bomgar: Fabulously Functional Furniture Fittings

Secure remote support and access management company Bomgar has signed Julius Blum GmbH as a new customer for global tech support and managed third-party privileged access.

Located in Austria, Blum specialises in the production of functional furniture fittings.

Emotion for Motion

The firm’s marketing gurus claim that its ‘Perfecting Motion’ slogan used as a defining factor while searching for its new remote support solution. The company needed a system that would allow its IT department to surely communicate with and support traveling employees.

“Every department and every location require their own specific IT systems,” said Andreas Hagen, information systems administrator of Blum. “We need to ensure that external companies and service providers aren’t installing their own remote access tools within our company network.”

After a testing period within the IT department, Blum  implemented Bomgar’s Remote Support solution for company-wide and platform-independent support services.

AVENTOS lift systems can now open doors with just a light touch - built in wind tunnel effects are optional

Blum’s AVENTOS lift systems can open doors with just a light touch – built in wind tunnel effects are optional

The capability for suppliers to connect to Blum’s production plants to manage and support their systems is essential. For example, there are special software applications for cutting and punching machines, managing the production of synthetic material, and properly planning drill holes.

These software solutions are highly valuable and need to be maintained according to professional security and management requirements. In a global market environment, ensuring both employees and vendors meet these strict requirements can hardly be addressed with different remote access solutions are installed.

Configuration complexity

Configuration changes need to be monitored and logged whenever they are done, which is difficult for administrators to track with multiple remote access tools in place. Furthermore, many programs require administration rights, which can open up other potential dangers.

“With remote access to applications, we need to precisely know and control what technicians are doing.” Initially, the Bomgar implementation was limited to the IT department, which served as testing ground. “The experience concerning usability and deployment was very positive, so it was quickly decided that other departments should switch to Bomgar, too,” explains Hagan. “We’ve now reached 150 user licenses across the organisation.”

“If a new Blum customer or a company doing business with us asks for remote access capabilities, we can limit user access rights of their technicians. External service providers may only require temporary access— in most cases, only once or twice a year. With Bomgar, we are able to control specifically when they have access to our systems so we don’t keep these channels open all year,” Hagan says. Independent of country and language, all of the support cases are now handled via Bomgar. “IT personnel in China will be using the same Bomgar system to support employees located in Canada or the US.”

After standardising on Bomgar as its trusted remote access solution, the appropriate teams were notified that remote access by TeamViewer and similar solutions would no longer be permitted.  Since the appliance had been deployed by the IT department at a very early stage, the team was able to easily and seamlessly roll out an extension to other departments, such as Marketing and Accounting.

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