Accellion flies free kiteworks for cloud developers

Accellion is a provider of private cloud solutions for secure file sharing and collaboration, yes – a lot like Box and Dropbox.

Custom applications and workflows to securely access and share enterprise content across on-premise and cloud content stores.

Custom applications and workflows to securely access and share enterprise content — risk and danger from virtual kite cartoons is unlikely to cause user injury .

The firm has this month introduced a free cloud-based kiteworks developer package. The intention is to accelerate development of custom applications and workflows based on the kiteworks secure content platform.

What is kiteworks?

The kiteworks platform itself offers secure unified access to enterprise and cloud content stores and secure file sharing and collaboration for laptop, desktop, tablet and smartphone.

As Ben Kepes explained on Forbes last year, “Kiteworks has a three-tier architecture with separate web, application and data layers. The separate layers offer new deployment options such as putting the web layer in the DMZ for external users, while keeping the other layers behind the firewall for enhanced security.”

Accellion’s new kiteworks Cloud Developer package claims to enable developers to begin development immediately on a private cloud instance of kiteworks.Using the kiteworks REST APIs and mobile SDKs, developers can create custom applications and workflows to securely access and share enterprise content across on-premise and cloud content stores.

Features and capabilities include options to develop secure content centric enterprise applications — it offers developers access to enterprise-grade capabilities for developing applications that can securely access, edit and share enterprise content.

NOTE: The mobile SDKs include a secure mobile container with built-in editor, encryption, auditing and logging, and remote wipe capabilities.

It also provides easy integration with existing enterprise IT infrastructure, and secure access to enterprise content across on-premise content systems such as SharePoint, Windows File Shares, Documentum and content stored in the cloud in OneDrive, Box, Dropbox, and GoogleDrive.

Developers can utilise the kiteworks SDKs to easily access content from all of these systems through a single pane of glass, says the company.

“By introducing a free cloud version of the kiteworks developer package, we now provide developers with an instantly available development platform,” said Hormazd Romer, senior director of product marketing at Accellion. “The end result is faster development of custom applications and workflows with the confidence that your content is secure – both key differentiators.”

The new kiteworks Cloud Developer package is currently available. Users can initiate cloud development from the kiteworks developer portal at

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